Time for a giveaway and to celebrate this blog hitting 4,000 followers! (I’m still in shock that so many of you follow me) For this giveaway I’ve picked some of my favorite books of 2014 so hopefully you’ll love them too.

This time there will only be one winner (this might change in the future, depending on how much money I have) and they will get a choice of any one book listed above.

This will be international, thanks to Book Depository (make sure that they ship to your country before entering, please)

Please make sure you read the rules below, thank you.


  1. You must be following me! Since this giveaway is for my followers, I will be checking. 
  2. Reblogs and likes will be counted. Please don’t spam your followers, no one likes that. Also no giveaway blogs allowed.
  3. This giveaway ends October 15th
  4. If you do win you will have to be willing to give me your full address. (I will not stalk you I promise)
  5. You will have 48 hours to respond or else I’ll be picking a new winner.

I think that’s all, good luck and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you for following me, it really means the world <3

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I never got the chance to see him on the @penguins, but it’s great to finally see @jneal_18 on the ice. Welcome to Smashville!

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Moon to Moon Blog: Free Spirit Spheres and are  set among the tall trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada.

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MATT LeBLANC: There’s only five people in the world who know exactly what being on Friends was like, other than me. There’s five of them. David, Matthew, Lisa, Courteney, and Jen. That’s it. Marta and David were close, but when they left the stage, no one knew what they did. We could never leave the stage, metaphorically speaking. Still can’t. Still on that stage. That will follow us around forever.

More important than anything else is the look on people’s faces when you cross paths with them in the street, or in the store, or in the grocery line. You can always tell that you were—maybe still are, maybe always will be—a part of their family. Movies have this thing where it’s an event. You get dressed up, you go to dinner, and you go to the movies. You’re outside of your element. But with television, people are watching you in bed, at their kitchen table eating. You’re in their house.

I did not want it to end.

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It’s all right. These people won’t hurt me.

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Can’t believe it’s been a year since these two said “I do!” Happy Anniversary, Ed & Colleen! Love you guys! 😘

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